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Where affordable design actually works.

Our design services allow you to realize your new product idea or invention at the most affordable prices. We work with small to medium-size companies and individuals who share a passion for their ideas and dreams.

Why go overseas for your 3D CAD services, when it can be done here for a lot less than you think! Does your company need to create CAD models quickly and affordably, but doesn't have enough resources? With over 16 years of rock-solid PTC Creo, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks experience, we can help.

Need to design and build a unique product for your home or office? Can't find that special shop table, garage shelves or tricked-out BBQ for your home? We can help you realize that unique design and assist in contract manufacturing. Now you will really be the only one in the neighborhood with the coolest BBQ!

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spr design is now in it's 17th year as an innovative design engineering and CAD modeling supplier to inventors, small and medium size companies. Our clients vary from military, aerospace, automotive, medical, scientific, public safety and consumer products; all sharing a common thread...affordable design and engineering.
Based from the West-Island, Montreal, we can serve you locally, or throughout the world.

Key people:
Steve is the owner of spr design. He is a mechanical engineer with a passion for bringing ideas to life. Having worked in a variety of industries, he can bring ideas across domains.
Penny is our multi-lingual documentation specialist. She makes certain that our work is communicated effectively.


product development
The success of any product relies not only on looks, but also on function. This is where our engineering comes into play. Over the years, we have realized that clients prefer engineering to be disguised as a simple and elegant feature of their products. To maintain costs, we deliver the required engineering for the required application whether your project is in the concept stage or simply needs to be re-engineered. Using sophisticated 3D CAD software, your products are intelligently developed as 3D models, enabling you to exceed your product quality.

3D printing is here!
We now have the in-house capability to 3D print your ideas right before your eyes. No more waiting for third party suppliers to provide printed parts, we can now go from the computer design model right to high-quality print under the same roof.

design validation
Helping you see your ideas on screen, even before you build it. We leverage the power of 3D CAD systems for you.

technical illustrations
Document and illustrate your ideas and products.

custom design and fabrication
Helping you realize your "one-off" design that will set you apart from everyone else.

inventor's corner
Let us help you with your revolutionary idea, and bring you one step closer to market potential.

Pro/ENGINEER and CAD development
Simple and effective CAD consulting.


Documentation is the best way to add value to any design project. Otherwise no one will understand how to build or use it. With backgrounds in engineering and languages, we have a wealth of experience in technical documention, product manuals, training manuals, medical transcription and translation.

In addition to Documentation Services, we offer an array of off-site services to medical and non-medical professionals at reasonable rates. Our aim is to help organizations and professionals succeed by reducing their operating costs and improving the speed and quality of a wide range of tasks such as administrative services, transcription, web development and support services, proof reading and editing services, and data solutions.

Penny is our documentations specialist and handles graphic illustrations, writing technical manuals, translation, proof reading, editing as well as transcription for various disciplines.

With a BA in Foreign Languages from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. She is fluent in English, French, and Greek and has a working knowledge of Spanish, Italian and German. Penny has over 20 years of combined experience in administrative support, customer service and management within health care, manufacturing, engineering/design and business.


See some of our past work.

The following designs are now produced and on the market.

open link Garage Storage System (Sto-It, Ireland)
open link Colonic Cleanser System (Aqua-Clinic, UK)
open link Self-Cleaning Toilet System (Sanisafe, Canada)


If you wish to discuss a project or have any questions regarding our services, just give us a shout.

41 Cedar, Beaconsfield, Quebec, CANADA H9W 4S9


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